This series of photographs are of envy and gaps in our experiences. My intention is to photograph that which is missing for many of us.
Place shapes identity. Its history, culture, and people define the way and how one is known.
Every shadow is its own sundial of history and culture.
A vendor sells souvenirs in the shadow of Teotihuacan, dating to 100 BCE, near Mexico City. This man’s deep connection to place is distinct in contrast to that of the people in the “New Worlds.”
Visible points of cultural reference in the most long-inhabited regions of the planet shaped the peoples, place, and the ‘self.’ Locations lacking (in ancient) reference points, create a vacuum of history, and a void between its communities.
This collection represents the contrast of omnipresent desire of the new, for that which has more value.
Can we find the notes and rhythms of our places and identity to better understand history and our place in it and to each other?


This series has been made primarily with a Mamiya 7; carbon prints for their tonality and archival